GCSE Maths Tutor Southsea

Hi, I’m Hannah. If you’ve found this page, the chances are you’re looking for a GCSE Maths tutor and you live somewhere near Southsea.

So, Why choose me? Well, I have a flexible approach to tutoring Maths and initially find out what the student wants to focus on. Some students, for example, are struggling to keep up in class, others want to focus on exam preparation and technique, or perhaps the student has a specific list of topics and questions. It’s down to you how you want the session to run. If you don’t know however, I work from the syllabus for the student’s exam board and focus on the sections I can see that the student struggles with.

I am well qualified with a BSc and MSc in Computer Science. I am now also studying a BSc in Maths. Since 2013, I’ve been working in mathematical modelling within the vehicle simulation industry. I saw the appeal of tutoring when my daughter went through her GCSEs. It’s incredible what a bit of one to one time with an expert tutor can do for your results.

I am located at Devonshire Avenue, PO4 9EH.

I charge £20 per one hour session.

To get in touch, email mathstutor@seo-sage.co.uk